What's YOUR intercultural challenge? 

Culture matters:

Find solutions for your intercultural needs.


Intercultural competence is a key success factor for companies and employees operating in a complex and global work environment. There is a growing need for a multi-angled, intercultural approach to training and coaching of these global players.


Whether you are setting up a team across borders, preparing staff for an assignment abroad or want to increase the intercultural competence skills of your employees, we provide you with tailor made support.


What are your benefits?

  • Acting successfully in an intercultural environment
  • Developing professional and managerial intercultural skills
  • Breaking communication barriers when working across borders 
  • Attracting and retaining talent with individual support for expats and partners 


In focus

  • Special focus: Switzerland
  • Special focus: Japan
  • Special focus: Intercultural Awareness Training



  • Individual training for expats and spouses
  • Individual coaching for expats and project managers 
  • Online training for individuals and small groups
  • Intercultural assessments for individuals and teams